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The All-In-One Connect Controller

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At Growlink, we're dedicated to empowering your cultivation with advanced technology, but we understand the importance of peace of mind. That's why we offer you the opportunity to try our solutions risk-free. If you're not completely satisfied within the first 30 days of your purchase, we guarantee a full refund, no questions asked.

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Due to high demand, the Connect Controller in Poly Case currently has a 4-6 week lead time.

Elevate your cultivation process with the Growlink Connect All-In-One Room Controller with built-in I/O. This single, unified device provides unparalleled control, merging climate and irrigation management with real-time monitoring, ensuring an optimal conditions for your crops.

Connect offers a diverse range of advanced features to cater to the needs of growers, regardless of their scale. In addition to the standard control functions, the Connect is capable of handling complex control requirements for both indoor and greenhouse facilities.

With its intelligent lighting, advanced irrigation capabilities, and customizable configurations, this affordable controller delivers a multitude of advanced functionalities. Furthermore, when paired with the Growlink platform, users gain the ability to remotely control, monitor, generate reports, crop steer, run blueprints, view harvest analytics and receive alarm notifications. This comprehensive solution empowers growers, making their cultivation endeavors easier and more successful.

Manuals (Professional Installation Recommended)
Connect Controller Manual - Controller Only
Connect Controller Manual - Commercial Enclosure Version


Smart Greenhouse control Algorithms
Expandable with Metz IO
Smart Lighting (DLI, Throttling)
BACnet MSTP / IP Support
SDI-12 Support
Unlimited Rooms / Zones
API Interface
Remote Access
OTA Firmware Updates
Advanced Reporting

Sensor Interface

ESM2 Climate Sensor
Terralink Substrate Sensor
PAR Sensor
Weather Station
Analog pH Sensors
Analog EC Sensors
Flow Meter*
3rd Party Analog Sensors
3rd Party BACnet Sensors
3rd Party SDI-12 Sensors
*Requires Metz Expansion Module

Equipment Interface

HVAC Systems
Pad Systems, Coolers, Fans
Unit Heaters
Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers
Ridge, Pad, Roll Up Vent Motors
Shade, Blackout Curtain Motors
Solenoid Valves
Anderson Pumpers
Lighting on/off, dimming, DLI, Throttling
BACnet Industrial Equipment


Power Requirements
24VDC (8A Max Power Consumption)
110-240VAC when utilizing the 8A External Power Supply w/ Barrel Connector

Max Operating Temperature: 131°F (55°C)

Onboard Voltage Outputs
24VAC Maximum: 2.5A
24VDC Maximum: 5A
10VDC – Maximum: 1A

Network Connections
(x1) Ethernet Port (RJ45)

(x3) Power Bus
Maximum Amperage per Bus: 3A
Maximum AC Voltage: 38VAC
Maximum DC Voltage: 48VDC

(x16) Solid State Relays (SSR)
Maximum Amperage: 3A
Maximum AC Voltage: 38VAC
Maximum DC Voltage: 48VDC
Cycle Life: Near Infinite
Max Terminal Wire Gauge: 12AWG (2.05mm)

(x4) Mechanical Relays
Maximum Amperage: 3A
Maximum AC Voltage: 38VAC
Maximum DC Voltage: 48VDC
Estimated Cycle Life: 100,000 Mechanical Cycles
Max Terminal Wire Gauge: 12AWG (2.05mm)

(x8) Analog Outputs
0-10VDC Output for Dimming Zone and General Control
Max current per channel: 200mA
Max Terminal Wire Gauge: 12AWG (2.05mm)

(x8) Universal Inputs (UI)
Maximum Voltage: 24VDC (Do not connect AC voltage)
Signals Recognized:
470-500kΩ Resistive Inputs
Digital Inputs (3V DC Threshold for On/Off)
Max Terminal Wire Gauge: 12AWG (2.05mm)

(x1) SDI-12 Channel
12VDC Output – 750mA Max
Max SDI-12 Device Count: 36
Addresses 0-9, and A-Z (Uppercase)
Max Terminal Wire Gauge: 12AWG (2.05mm)

(x1) RS485 Serial Port
For BACnet MS/TP Communications only.
Max Terminal Wire Gauge: 12AWG (2.05mm)

Package Content

Controller Only
1 x Connect Controller
1 x 24VDC Power Supply

Controller in Poly Case
1 x NEMA 5 Rated PolyCase with the following installed inside:
1 x Connect Controller
1 x 150VA transformer
1 x 24VDC / 5A Power Supply
1 x Circuit breaker
1 x Various terminal blocks


Growlink is committed to accessibility and flexibility, always offering a free version of our software with no mandatory subscription. This ensures every cultivator can access essential tools to optimize their operations, choosing only the services that best fit their needs.

Growlink stands behind the quality and effectiveness of our hardware and software tools designed for cannabis cultivators. That’s why we offer an unparalleled "Try It for 30 Days: Money-Back Guarantee." This guarantee allows you to integrate our solutions into your operations completely risk-free.

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TerraLink sensors use standard SDI-12 communication, making them compatible with many data loggers and controllers, including Agrowtek, Pulse Grow, Aranet, and others. At Growlink, we believe in open compatibility and will never sell you a product that locks you into our platform exclusively.

The TerraLink sensor from Growlink matches or surpasses other popular sensors in accuracy, despite competitors' misleading claims. Rigorous testing and practical use have proven its reliability in optimizing cannabis cultivation. Growlink upholds transparency, offering technology that genuinely enhances grow operations.