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Is it able to turn on a pump and the valves at the same time?

The Growlink Smart Irrigation Controller includes 4 24VAC outputs. You can use these to control valves or as a signal for relays or contactors to control line voltage equipment like pumps.

What's the advantage of this sensor over the Teros 12?

Read our report on the difference between TDR and Capacitance technology.

Can the smart irrigation controller be used as a stand alone? Or do you need the entire Growlink system?

The Growlink Smart Irrigation Controller can be used by itself and includes everything you need to monitor and control your irrigation system. You can expand the functionality and connect to other Growlink climate and fertigation controllers for full control of your cultivation facility.

Can I use the new sensors with the old controller?

Unfortunately the new TDR sensors only work with the new Smart Irrigation Controller.  Teros 12 sensors are no longer supported.

Does the Growlink TDR sensors work with soil?

The Growlink TDR sensors work with soil and soilless mediums.

Does the Growlink TDR sensor measure bulk or pore EC?

Both. You can select bulk or pore EC in the Growlink App. You can also select your specific calibrations for the grow medium you use.

How much data do I have access to using the Growlink App?

All of your data is available in chart format using the Growlink app. For better data visualization, analytics and ability to export data you would need a Growlink Pro or Trym subscription.

Can you turn on solenoid valves based on WC readings?

You can setup sensor triggers to activate valves based on WC, EC or Temperature. You can also use our new crop steering rules to automate everything.