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Terralink Sensor (VWC, EC, Temp)

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Introducing the Terralink Soil Moisture Sensor, featuring the industry-leading capacitance technology. Designed to provide precise and reliable soil moisture data, our sensor helps you optimize your farm's irrigation system and make better-informed decisions for your crops. With the Terralink Soil Moisture Sensor, you can ensure your plants receive the right amount of water at the right time, reducing waste and maximizing yield.


Works with Precision Irrigation Controller & Connect Controller
Plug & Play 


Output Interface - SDI-12, V1.3
Power Supply - 3.6-16V/DC
Power Consumption - Quiescent Current : 30uA
Measuring Current : 10mA during 150ms measurement
Soil Moisture Measurement
Apparent dielectric permittivity ():
Range:1-81 (air - water)

Soil Moisture(VWC):
Range: 0%-100% (air - water)
EC Measurement
Range: 0-23ds/m
Resolution: 0-7ds/m, 0.01ds/m; 7-23ds/m, 0.05ds/m
Accuracy: 0-7ds/m, 5%; 7-23ds/m,15%
EC temperature compensation: 0-50°C

Temperature Measurement
Range: -40~80°C, Resolution:0.1°C, Accuracy:±0.5°C
IP Ratings

Operating Temperature
Sensor Rod: Stainless steel
Sensor Sealed: Epoxy resin

Surface or buried installation
Cable Length: 30 feet
Dimension 88*71*26mm

Package Content

1 x Terralink Sensor